San Dimas Historical Society

Board of Directors

President - Dave Harbin

Vice-President - Peggy Thomas

Recording Secretary - Kay Glinternick

Correspondence Secretary - Cheryl Avelar

Treasurer - Kevin Frey, Terry Templeman

Newsletter, Printing - Margie Green

Gift Shop Manager - Kay Hoveland

Membership - Suzy Crawford

Photographer - Jim McCants

Volunteer Coordinator - Gracelyn Goodman
Archivist - Susan Davis

Assistant Archivist - Julie Draayom

Historic Articles - Linda Nelson
Allen Chen
Museum Manager - Bill Emerson

Web Master, Facebook - Ann Vackrinos 

Our Mission

Genevieve Walker documented and compiled journals, pictures and newspaper items from the time she arrived in San Dimas in 1894 until her death some seventy years later.

On June 6, 1966, the San Dimas Historical Society was officially chartered. Since that time our mission and visions have guided the organization. We remain committed to preserving the history of San Dimas by bringing together those people interested in Southern California regional history, especially the history of San Dimas. We are also continuously discovering and collecting items which establish, redefine, and illustrate the history of San Dimas. Sharing these historical materials arouses interest in the past to educate for the future.