Now known as the Early Ford Store, these pictures show the San Dimas Garage in earlier times.

J-0068-0001 - McIntyre's Garage circa 1915

J-0068-0002 - San Dimas Garage located at 108 West Bonita. circa 1912

J-0068-0003 - San Dimas Garage owned by J. S. McIntyre.  This photo appeared in the 1914 San Dimas Press.  Photo was taken before 1914 (Johnstone car 1912)

J-0068-0004 - San Dimas Garage circa 1915.  County library moved next door in 1915 and by 1923 Foresman had relocated to north Bonita.

J-0068-0005 - San Dimas Garage before 1921 when building on corner of San Dimas Avenue and Bonita was built.

J-0068-0006 - San Dimas Garage circa 1940

J-0068-0007 - San Dimas Garage Machine Shop

J-0068-0008 - Interior of San Dimas Garage

Viewing San Dimas History Through Photography

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